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Studying BA in Acting


 I've formed friendships that are lifelong, learned vital industry skills and, most importantly, had a huge amount of fun along the way! my thanks and love to the wonderful teachers whos professionalism and commitment to each and every student made Saturday mornings an utter delight x






WATA introduced me to the theatrical arts of dance, singing & acting. It is the place to experience the different art forms and the chance to showcase the combination. I remember entering the world of WATA as a shy young boy, but soon the group became like a family, and eventually I found myself in leading roles and confident in all three art forms. Being around others who had inspiring talent and a similar interest & the fantastic teachers who navigated me with their professional experience, enabled me to develop and explore my abilities as an aspiring performer. The training also offered the ability to take part in additional classes and workshops where I could explore even further into the different forms, which led to the beginnings of my dance training with Penelope. I am now a professional dancer working internationally with renowned contemporary artists, leading a successful career. I thank WATA hugely for the encouragement it gave me and I would recommend it to anyone interested in the theatrical arts. Alex Standard.






I Joined WATA at a young age because I had an interest in the theatre and wanted to expand my skills and knowledge. From day one I felt extremely welcome despite not being able to talk to many people due to shyness and lack in confidence. Over the years my confidence grew immensely thanks to the nurturing nature of the professional tutors at the school and I now feel quite comfortable in new situations and talking to new people. I found the whole experience very helpful to me as a person and most importantly, it was fun, I enjoyed every second of it. Now that I am training to be a professional Actor at Bath Spa University I feel the first steps I took with Miss Penny and the wonderful people at the school really encouraged me to focus on this goal and I couldn't recommend it more highly.

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